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dexos1 is GM‟s new global engine oil specification for gasoline engines which will replace GM 4718M and GM 6049M. Al ough it is being specified for all GM vehicles starting wi e model year, it is also an excellent choice for previous model year vehicles. Oils meeting e dexos1 specification exhibit enhanced performance compared to many oils on e ket today. Oils meeting GM Dexos 2 are required for vehicles manufactured from MY ond but ey are also backd compatible wi older models. is specification is built on e ACEA C3 standard but also contains elements from e ILSAC GF-4 deposit formation test and low-temperature sludge build-up test. Legacy Motor Oil Specifications GM-LL-A-025 Special GM approval for long-life engine oil . Apr 14,  · e dexos specification is exclusive to General Motors, and any oil carrying e dexos logo is suitable for meeting GM ranty requirements. To meet e dexos requirements, an oil must typically be syn etic or a syn etic blend. GM stated at dexos was introduced to simplify oil selection and ensure increased fuel mileage. 20,  · 20, . 1. e dexos specification is exclusive to General Motors, and any oil carrying e dexos logo is suitable for meeting GM ranty requirements. To meet e dexos requirements, an oil must typically be syn etic or a syn etic blend. GM stated at dexos was introduced to simplify oil selection and ensure increased fuel mileage. 211 rows · ExxonMobil Oil Corp. dexos2 5W-30: D20281HC015: Global: Mobil 1 ESP Formula: . 29,  · ILSAC GF-6, API SP and GM dexos. Next-generation motor oils need to pass an LSPI test to meet ese new demands. General Motors was first out of e gate and required oils to pass its own LSPI test. Its GM dexos1 Gen 2 specification took effect. 31, . e latest American Petroleum Institute (API) specification, API SP, took effect. Brand Name Supplier Specification Viscosity License Number Region. ABRO: Omni Specialty Packaging, LLC: dexos1 Gen 2: 0W-20: D 465HH 9: . Beginning wi its model year vehicles, GM began recommending oils meeting e GM dexos1 oil performance level for for all gasoline engine vehicles. Pennzoil Platinum 5W-30 Full Syn etic Motor Oil exceeds GM dexos1 specifications. ese specifications are to be used as guidelines only. 30,  · It say diesel on e bottle but it's not for all GM diesel engines, it's a 0w20 oil at seems to be specifically for e upcoming 3.0L Duramax and meets difference specs an dexos2.:surprise: A 0w20 in a truck diesel. e ought scares me. On e flip side, e 3.0 is an I6 wi more bearing surface area so perhaps 0w20 will work just fine. GM OE dexos1 Full Syn etic 5W-30 Motor Oil is dexos1 approved. Recommended for use in cars and light trucks wi gasoline and gasoline turbocharged engines where . Dexos oils are formulated exclusively wi syn etics or syn etic blends. Better antioxidant technology at keeps oil from oxidizing. Dexos oils generally have a drain interval of up to 15,000 miles. Lower viscosity at holds up to engine combustion and heat better and longer an o er oils on e ket. e following Valvoline motor oils meet or exceed e requirements of GM standard dexos 1 Gen 2: SynPower 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30. Durablend 5W-20, 5W-30. Full Syn etic High Mileage wi MaxLife Technology 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30. e great ing for consumers and professional installers is at oils at meet dexos1 specifications, such as Chevron’s Havoline ProDS Full Syn etic, are not strictly GM oils. Because ey exceed o er manufacturers’ requirements, ey can actually be used in a variety of applications, including many domestic and imported new model cars. e engine requires engine oil approved to e dexos specification. Oils meeting is specification can be identified wi e dexos certification k. Look for and use only an engine oil at displays e dexos certification k of e proper viscosity grade. See Engine Oil on page -9. WSS-M2C945-A and WSS-M2C946-A oils typically meet API SN GF-5 standards wi a few extra tests performed on Ford engines. ese standards cover 5W-20 and 5W-30 oils. WSS-M2C947-A approved oils are for 0W-30 oils and are typically syn etic. GM Dexos Motor Oil Specifications. 16,  · is new Full Syn etic replaces e dexos1 Gen 1 Syn etic Blend specification. All GM engine oils are transitioning to is new formulation roughout . Since dexos1 Gen 2 is fully backds compatible wi all pre- model GM vehicles, e previous generation of dexos1 generation will no longer be produced after is full transition. An ergonomic bottle and centralised handle design combined wi easy to read labels make choosing and using e right oil simple. Suitable for Euro V engines wi or wi out DPF and/or TWC emission systems. Excellent wear protection enhances engine and DPF life. Meets e latest GM dexos 2 specification. 14,  · dexos is a lubricant specification. Tougher to meet an industry API specs (mainly comprised of oil industry over sight). ILSAC, a vehicle manufacturer driven spec, tried expanding on API specs. Most vehicle manufacturers have also published eir own, specific, specs . e last couple of years we have seen updates to two of e oil specification categories common in e industry — dexos and ACEA. ey are staying cutting-edge, adding engine tests and advancing eir motor oil requirements to provide protection for e carm anufacturers who depend on em. dexos1 Gen 2 e most current dexos1 specification (dexos1 Gen 2) was released in to provide even. Dexos-1 Motor Oils are designed to perform better and be more resistant to oxidation and oil breakdown. Additionally, oils meeting e Dexos1 specification are designed to resist deposit formation on pistons, allowing for full compression to occur. is . Mobil 1 syn etic motor oil qualifies for e highest number of e latest industry motor oil specifications – including International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC) GF-5 and European Automobile Manufacturer’s Association (ACEA) in key performance areas compared wi conventional syn etic oils. What brands of oil are dexos? Most of e oils in e category have a viscosity of 0w20, 5w20 or 5w30. e quality of e syn etic stocks used is best in e business. Meeting e requirements and industry set standards, many companies now produce e oil. e list is huge. What you need to know about dexos e most current dexos1 specification (dexos1 Gen 2) was released in to provide even higher engine performance and protection, particularly low speed pre-ignition (LSPI) protection in small displacement turbocharged engines. dexos1 Gen 2 is e best option for your GM spark-ignited gasoline engine regardless of make, model or year. Licensed Blenders manufacture engine oil meeting e dexos specification using previously approved additives and formulations obtained from additive suppliers. An initial production and yearly sample (1-gallon) will be required for e life of e license. Contact CCA on how to become a Licensed Blender. GM Dexos Syn etic 5w30 Oil is designed specifically for your GM engine. Features added performance in areas important to its operation. dexosrepresents a high quality, robust oil formulated to some of e most rigorous specifications in e industry. e?dexos 1? spec will be relatively rigorous, designed to enhance engine protection AND engine oil longevity. As a result, for an oil to meet e?dexos 1? spec, it will likely be necessary for oil manufacturers to utilize pri ily Group III and/or Group IV basestocks in e formulation, certainly adding considerably to e cost of e oil. Apr 15,  · Dexos-approved engine oil is engine oil carrying e Dexos specification created by General Motors designed to inform customers at e oil meets GM specifications. Oil manufacturers must pay to obtain e Dexos license in order to display e Dexos logo. A manufacturer's oil specification is a unique blend at an automaker creates and mandates for use in its vehicles. GM's new oil product, Dexos, consolidates its five prior recommended oil. 06,  · Selecting e right engine oil depends on bo e proper oil specification and viscosity grade. See Recommended Fluids and Lubricants 346. Specification Ask for and use engine oils at meet e dexos1 specification. Engine oils at have been approved by GM as meeting e dexos1 specification are ked wi e dexos1 approved logo. 02, 20  · e oil in your new vehicle's engine will be new as well, meeting a recently unveiled specification called dexos 1. Oils at meet e dexos 1 (yes, wi a lowercase d ) standard provide. In , GM introduced eir own stand-alone specification, dexos to meet e stringent requirements for eir engines. e difference in a GF-5 approved oil and dexos approved oil is testing. GM dexos approved oils require proprietary tests at are not included in current industry standards. GF-5 is tested to meet API specifications. e VW 506 01 oil spec was specifically designed for VW TDI diesel engines equipped wi Pumpe Duse TDI injection systems requiring extended service interval engine oil (15,000-30,000 miles or . 03,  · RIT333, e dexos spec and an oil rating are, I ink, two arate ings. dexos is only licensed to mfg's at pay a fee in order to use it or reaten you wi voiding your ranty if you don't use it and an oil rating in some ing every oil mfg makes to use in all cars so you can pick whatever oil you want and not worry about being reatened. Al ough e majority of vehicles currently on e road in e US specific e use of motor oils meeting a specific API Service Category, some vehicle manufacturers require use of lubricants at meet e original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) specifications. General Motor’s dexos is one example. Click for more about e dexos specification. According to GM, oils meeting e dexos1 specification exhibit enhanced performance compared to many oils on e ket today. In fact, e dexos1 specification is made up of a combination of some of e most demanding tests found in industry specifications, such as ose from e American Petroleum Institute (API) and e European Automobile. 21,  · Full Syn etic dealer oil spec'd Dexos 1 Gen 2 as a free oil change is a really good deal. As mentioned earlier. get your 2 free changes en go from ere. FWIW e owners manual states xW40 Dexos 2 for tracking. From what i can ga er, Dexos 2 is a diesel engine oil spec . 03,  · Selection Of Engine Oil For Flexible Fuel Vehicles (E-85) And Gasoline Vehicles FFV vehicles operated on E-85 require specially formulated engine oils. ese special requirements are included in MOPAR engine oils, and in equivalent oils meeting Chrysler Specification MS-6395. e manufacturer only recommends engine oils at are API Certified. So specifications are codes, which we use to match oils wi cars. By choosing an oil based on a specification we make sure at we choose e right oil for our car. How do e different VW specs compare? Currently ere are 11 different VW motor oil specifications in use. Some of em were created in e 1990s, some of em after 2000. e official website of Schaeffer's Specialized Lubricants, manufacturer of Schaeffer's Oil, industrial lubricants, syn etic engine oils, fuel additives, greases, gear lubes, hydraulic fluids, and . 15,  · DIESEL MOTOR OILS MEETING FORD WSS-M2C171-F1 Page 4 of Brand Name Viscosity Supplier W-30 — continued Mag 1 Syn etic Blend W-30 ren Distribution Magnum XD W-30 Dennis Oil Company DBA D.O.C. Lubrication Specialists Mahindra W-30 Mahindra USA, Inc. Maxtron DEO W-30 CHS Inc. MFA OIL W-30 MFA OIL Company. e American Petroleum Institute (API) is e only national trade association at represents all aspects of America’s oil and natural gas industry. Our more an 600 corporate members, from e largest major oil company to e smallest of independents, come from all segments of e industry. 5W-30 motor oil is one of e most common viscosity grades and is available from Castrol in advanced full syn etic, premium full syn etic and syn etic blend options. What is 5W-30 oil good for? Castrol EDGE, an advanced full syn etic 5W-30 motor oil, is Castrol's strongest oil and a great option for ose who want e very best for eir car. Engine oils meeting e requirements for e vehicle should have e dexos1 approved certification k. is certification k indicates at e oil has been approved to e dexos1 specification. Notice: Failure to use e recommended engine oil or equivalent can result in engine damage not covered by e vehicle ranty. GM dexos II / GM dexos2 is e new oil specification for for all EU GM group vehicles from 20 onds. GM dexos 2 oils are fully backds compatible for older vehicles and replaces bo e GM-LL-A-025 and GM-LL-B-025 engine oils specifications. GM dexos 2 oils are listed here, available to buy online from Opie Oils for retail and trade purchase wi delivery to your home, workplace. Feb 09,  · And all e majors have syn blend oils at are meeting e new HDEO CK-4 and FA-4 specs quite comfortably. Ei er way, it is all academic. Just use an oil now at meets e current dexos1 spec and don't get all cht up in e internet and keting hype, or take for granted a quickie lube shop tech has it all figured out. Engine Oil: Use only engine oil meeting e dexos1 specification of e proper SAE viscosity grade. Look for e dexos1 approved logo for GM approved engine oil. See Engine Oil on page -8. Engine Coolant: 50/50 mixture of clean, drinkable water and use only DEX-COOL Coolant. See Engine Coolant on page -14. Hydraulic Brake/Clutch System. For use in vehicles/engines refer to Sheet 223.2 229.51 Low SPAsh multigrade service engine oils e following product list should help you to select e correct operating fluid for your vehicle/major assembly from e variety of products in e ket. Oils meeting e dexos1 specification exhibit enhanced performance compared to many oils on e ket today. In fact, e dexos1 specification is made up of a combination of some of e most demanding tests found in industry specifications such as ose from API (American Petroleum Institute) and ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Reviews: 36.

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