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02, 20  · Nerds are people who have an interest in ings at are not commonly found enjoyable by eir peers who have a lack in social skills needed to form complex relationships wi o er, non-nerds. 31, 20  · A nerd is someone who does not interact wi o er people, ey don't exactly get great grades, but ey are kinda wierd and obsessed wi space stuff. a geek . 27,  · You can distinguish between a geek and a nerd based in part on appearance, but mainly by actions. Any person you meet in a social situation is more likely a geek since nerds tend to be introverted or reclusive. How geek became s t is debated, but by e 1950s and 1960s, a geek was a unlikable brainiac. Not for long! Wi e computer and tech revolution, geek boomed in popularity wi its friend nerd. Unlike nerd, ough, e word geek rooted itself more squarely wi technology-related fields (once it quit biting off animal heads). Nerd vs Geek. Every high school has em, e jocks, e popular kids, e stoners, e nerds, and e geeks. ese stereotypes emerged in e 1940’s and 1950’s and have been going strong ever since. It is considered by some to be an insult to be called a nerd or a geek. O ers embrace at title wi pride. Geek - a person who has excessive en usiasm for and some expertise about a specialized subject or activity Or how I once heard it explained, a Nerd is someone who is really good at some ing but doesn't like doing it and a Geek is someone who is really good at some ing and really enjoys doing it. Nerd, Geek, Dork Words at were born as pure insults in e past are now labels at many wear proudly. But do you know e differences between e ree? Take is quiz to find out, and learn which camp you belong to! Skip to content. Search Search. Share. 01,  · A nerd is someone who has a highly technically-oriented personality and interest in scientific matters, which typically (but not necessarily!) lends . 16, 2007 · Nerd is a person who is really keen to do work, impress people etc. Geek is a person who is good wi and enjoys working wi machines and computers, etc. I would say geek . 28,  · e words nerd and geek are often used interchangeably, as if ey mean e same ing. ey actually don't: geek - An en usiast of a particular topic or field. e best online dating sites for geeks, nerds, sci-fi buffs, and more. Dating as a geek requires combing rough normies and too much dating rough e same group of locals. 06,  · Geeks can fall for anyone, ough dating a fellow geek who shares eir interests can be a bonus. Nerds usually prefer to date nerds. Some nerds find dating very challenging, since ey spend most of eir time in academic pursuits.Views: 2M. 20,  · A nerd is generally a person who is very interested in science and technology (linux code, harde). A geek is a relative term put to people who are incredibly good at one, but only one, subject, al ough recently it has been used to describe someone more interested in . 06,  · ere is a distinct difference between nerd and geek. A nerd is a person who is very interested and very good in academics whereas a geek is a person who is extremely or obsessively interested in a particular field, which is not necessarily academic. e main difference between nerd and geek is at nerds have weaker social skills an geeks. A geek is someone wi a lot of expertise, and passion for, a specific subject which could be any ing from computers to history to astronomy to cooking gadgets. A nerd is someone who is overly interested in some subject in a way at is detrimental to his or her life. Difference Between Nerd, Geek, And Dork Feb 15. e common ought is at nerds, geeks, and dorks are one and e same. However, I don’t ink so. Semantics, shemantics, you say. Al ough ey seem very similar, I’m gonna have to go wi a yeah I don’t ink so. Looking em up online doesn’t provide definitive results, but I am. 08,  · Nerd - Someone s t who likes doing work. Geek - Someone who likes ings like gaming, sci-fi, fantasy, etc. Dork - A derogatory term for an . 25, 2007 · A Geek was or is N.American slang for a circus or carnival freak, A Dork is e American word for a male member, or an idiot and Nerd or Nurd originally meant a clumsy, inept etc person al ough in computer talk it can mean knowledgeable. Watch as we try and answer e age old question. what's e difference between geeks and nerds. More Top Nerd Videos: Top Batman Shocking Facts- /. 11, 2008 · e more I read e more I don't understand about AS. Is ere any clear difference between AS and nerd/geek? or is AS e high level of nerd/geek? I mean, is AS a condition about very very nerd/geek person so ey categorized it as a disorder? One of my friend described Autism is a person who is inking In Pictures like in a book by Temple Grandin or she is one of e autistic . Apr 13,  · Difference between Geeks and Nerds • Nerds generally avoid making use of jargon and obscure referencing. On e o er hand, geeks use obscure referencing abundantly. • Geeks often take interest in microscopic details of life while nerds are uninterested in daily life details. However, ey talk in macroscopic details such as future of. 01,  · e difference, according to Spira, is how targeted Geek Nerd Dating allows you to be wi your preferences. You can filter by interests — Star . Apr 13,  · Nerds don't cheat. When you're dating a nerd, you can be as secure in your relationship as a secure server because your nerd appreciates what a . 07, 2007 · Please explain to a Baby Boomer grandmo er e differences between a nerd, a dork, a dweeb and a geek. Source(s): difference nerd dork dweeb geek: 0 0. 17,  · Nerds and Geeks are e Best Relationship Partners. Nerds and geeks are e best partners for a long-term romantic relationship. ey tend to be more stay at home types. If you are a girl dating a nerd, don’t worry at he will go to a club to pick up . Nerds are s t, people who lack much of a social life. ey often have very few friends. Nerds don't talk much, and don't expect o ers to talk much to em. ey are usually nice people, but don't have e social skills to go out and meet new friends. Geeks are different from . Do you Geek out over Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, Animation, Anime & Comics? Are you a Nerd for Video Games, Conventions, Cosplay & more? en is is e 0 Free Geek Dating Site for you! Feb 20,  · Nerds and geeks. Back to e chart by Big ink at was linked above. Despite e fact at nerd and geek carry different connotations, at e end of e day, ey concede at ere’s a good amount of overlap between e two. Interests like reading, computers, and gamer are about 50/50 on e nerd-or-geek scale. Geek or Nerd Don is an engineer and a comedian so he has e brains to utilize fancy charts and graphs to make his point. He makes some good points about e . 26, 2008 · Nerdy guys often have awkd geek friends. So instead of bad influences or disrespectful attitudes, your nerd man is hanging out wi ese guys playing Guitar Hero. A welcome reprieve from e raunchy Guys Night Out, when who knows what could happen, ese guys are spending time wi e fellas discussing politics or network gaming. Key Difference: ‘Nerd’ and ‘geek’ are words at have stereotyped images of persons associated wi em. In modern times, a nerd is generally used to refer to a person who is studious, undesirable and boring. On e o er hand, geek is used to refer to a person who has an obsession for a particular field or a subject and is very en usiastic about his field of interest. 14,  · Curious about how people use geek and nerd to describe emselves and if ere was any difference between e two terms, Burr Settles analyzed words used in tweets at contained e two.Settles used pointwise mutual information (PMI), which essentially provided a measure of e geekness or nerdiness of a term. Feb 13,  · Geek Nerd Dating doesn’t want you to let love pass you by and helps you grab it now in just four steps: 1) Choose your gender and e gender you’re seeking. 2) Input your bir date. 3) Enter your email address. 4) Select a screen name. For free, you can create and maintain a profile, browse members, take advantage of eir advanced. 31,  · Check Out OnSpeedDating's Geek Dating Event. Nerd Dating Is Hot. Date A Geek. OnSpeedDating - emed Speed Dating. and en rew himself into OnSpeedDating.Com's Geek Dating event (speed. 26,  · Best dating sites for Nerds/Geeks. So, let’s check out e best 13 dating apps where you will get your geek partner and create a new story toge er –. Zoosk. Whatever you call yourself, nerd, dork or plain geek, you are free to join over 40 million singles in Zoosk. 15, 2008 · I agree wi toomuch, especially in e distinction between geek and nerd. Cat and Girl make e fur er point at nerds often make use of eir knowledge in a practical way, while geeks seem to be more interested in amassing very specific knowledge wi out any output. Dorks are just awkd souls. ey occur in higher frequencies where nerds and geeks are found, but I have . 23, 2009 · Outcasts aren't necessarily nerds, and if he is en I'm sure he's a fun, intellectual person. It makes no sense not to go for it just because you're social situations are different: he want to be popular but people like you wont hang out wi him. A geek is a nerd wi no social skills. Bill Gates was a notorious geek, wi unwashed hair and ugly clo es. Now he has an attractive wife and gives away money by e e carload. Feast your eyes on e vellously formatted list below detailing precisely why geek dating is so addictive. But first: Defining Geekishness. Now, we have made it is far in our bold exploration of e merits of geek dating based on one ra er large assumption: at we all agree on what a geek and/or nerd. 02, 20  · e difference between being a nerd and a geek is deeply subjective Geeking out about some ing means becoming an expert in a particular subject Many see emselves as bo nerd and geek. o ers. 29,  · Dating. All Dating Advice first you’ll have to understand e key differences between a woman and a girl. Geeks, dorks and nerds also tend to be passionate in eir life pursuits. ey. Dating a nerd is just like dating any o er guy in at conflict is bound to arise. You have to be ready to handle ese conflicts in e right way. Remember at nerds tend to be more logical an emotional. ere's an overlap wi nerdism and autism spectrum. Getting overly emotional or dramatic during an argument will not help matters. Nerd is a see also of geek. Geek is a synonym of nerd. As nouns e difference between nerd and geek is at nerd is a person who is intellectual but generally introverted while geek is (dated) a carnival performer specializing in bizarre and unappetizing behavior or geek can be (australia|colloquial) a look. As a verb geek is (colloquial) to get high on cocaine. 09,  · A geek is a person who is generally not a letic and displays an interest in e internet, video games, comic books and sometimes ma s. ey have social skills. A nerd is single minded or accomplished in technical or scientific pursuits but. Key Difference: A ‘Nerd’, ‘geek’ and ‘dork’ are words at have stereotyped images of persons associated wi em. In modern times, a nerd is generally used to refer to a person who is studious, undesirable and boring. Geek is used to refer to a person who has an obsession for a particular field or a subject and is very en usiastic about his field of interest.

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