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31, 2006 · I like briefs and boxers (e jersey ones, tight ones, not e baggy ones) on myself. On guys at I'm dating I like to see em in jersey boxers. Briefs are a bit pervy-looking unless e guy has a really buff body. 18, 2008 · Boxers give more freedom and you also get more comfort, but I believe at briefs are better. It keeps in place what needs to stay in place. But it is really up to you and your opinions. 07,  · At e beginning of e year, I started to do e family laundry to help my husband wi e household workload. I discovered some ing disturbing. I found out my 14 year old stepson wears a certain type of underwear - boxer shorts. I talked wi my husband about it. He said my stepson only recently switched from briefs to boxer shorts about 2 years ago. Briefs in e hotter mon s and boxer briefs in e colder mon s. Not white cotton ones, ough. I wear performance type - UnderArmour or some ing similar in black or dark colors. Boxers are really just pants liners - ey provide zero support, and at's not good if you have a more physical job. He told me at he is only comfortable wearing briefs underwear (tighty whities) because at is what e grew up wi /what he is use to and at is what he always wore. its e only kind of underwear he wears and he says at boxer briefs and boxers bunch up and are uncomfortable. 13, 2008 · I wore briefs up until I was 12, en boxers till I was 17. Now I vary between boxers and boxer-briefs. I gotta say when I switched to boxer briefs e support was freaking awesome. No more free balling and ey don't ride up at all. Besides if you're slim, boxer briefs look real good if . 16, 2008 · Boxers are for old men, you should be wearing boxer briefs because ey give you support and keep every ing from flopping around. Boxers just don't keep ings were you put em, I ink if you try e boxer briefs you will stop wearing e . 12,  · not gay but i love briefs. Especially calvin klein X briefs. ey are e most comfortable underwear i have ever worn. ey are comfortable, supportive, good for sports, and look better an boxers. (my opinon). 2nd place: Boxer Briefs. ey take e second spot as ey're comfortable enough for an active day. ey don’t leave your manhood hanging e way boxers do. Try jogging in boxer briefs and boxers and you're going to notice e difference. 3rd place: Boxers. When you're sleeping or you don’t plan on getting out of bed, boxers are good. 22,  · Briefs, trunks and boxers. Briefs are comfortable and look alright, provided you get e right ones and aren't overweight. Trunks look e best imo, ey're an in between of boxer-briefs and briefs, but look way better an bo of em. Boxers are only ideal when sleeping in hot wea er, I hardly wear em nowadays. 01,  · Yahoo Products. Trending News. Trump left speechless over question about lies. Country icon breaks own rule on political statements. Caddie's blunder costs golfer shot at U.S. Amateur title. NFL rookie cut for sneaking woman into hotel: Report. Oscar winner to Fauci: 'Sunlight kills e virus?'. 06, 20  · Boxer-Briefs: E BEST ey are long like boxers, but give support like briefs. ey aren't as tight as briefs, which make em PERFECT. You get e best of bo worlds. e long-ness of boxers, and security of not getting wedgied by brief haters! You DO get e support of briefs, but it is not to-tight like briefs. ey are PERFECT!! 05, 2008 · I am a Brief guy myself. For e very reason you said. Boxers are just too loose and offer no support at all. My penis and balls are always hanging out. Boxer briefs are okay but sometimes have e same problem as I do wi Boxers. I prefer 2xist briefs. ey are really well made and have a pouch at supports my penis and balls really well. 21, 2006 · Well, speaking from a male perspective, I definetly prefer boxer briefs. ey are by far e most comfortable type, and I have yet to meet a woman who does not like em. Boxer briefs are not tighty whities, and ey are a lot more stylish and comfortable en regular boxers. , 2009 · i like boxer briefs.. and i had e same problem.. my chemistry teacher would constantly pick on me in class and outside of class and i was always perplexed at why she singled me out when i had one of e top grades in e class. en i found out at it is her way of showing at she is concerned, she was harder on me because she knew i was capable of doing so much better in her class 30,  · On e o er hand, boxer briefs can be uncomfortable, according to consumer research conducted by OG underwear brand Fruit of e Loom, which, . 16,  · Bo at given times. Ill wear boxer briefs or briefs during weight training or practice just so my k isn't flying around everywhere & ill wear em when i wear shorts. If im at home ill wear boxers or if im wearing pants. I freeball at times whe er im on a jog, at school etc. So many choices. Feb 25,  · Yahoo Products. James. James asked in Beauty & Style Fashion & Accessories. 8 years ago. For a guy: Underwear: Tighty Whities or Boxers (I hate boxer briefs, don't list at as an answer.)? I'm 16 and where tighty whities. A girl just dumped me and I get wedgied in e locker room for wearing tighty whities. eir just to comfortable to give up. Feb ,  · But boxer briefs were at comfortable to me, guess since I wore briefs all my life up until at point I was just used to em. So instead of buying white ones I switched to color briefs. Boxers or boxer briefs are e most common of boys your age. Join Yahoo Answers and get 0 points today. Join. Trending questions. 14, 2009 · You could do boxer-briefs. i personally hate briefs. I ink ey are e most unattractive ing a guy can wear. Briefs are not masculine to me at all. Boxer-briefs are ok at times. I love boxers or no ing. i under stand you need to control e swing ough and boxers don't do at. i don't mind e swing. at is normal. On a personal note. 12, 2008 · I like briefs. Boxer-briefs are good too. It's just nice to have support so a guy doesn't sit on or crunch himself. Boxers, in my immodest opinion, are . 15, 20  · e boxers are en only for show as ey do no ing useful at all. If you prefer to have your penis and scrotum swinging about freely in your underwear en just wear e boxers. e choice is totally yours. For myself, I never wear boxers as I like e comfort of e support at briefs give me. Feb 21, 2007 · Boxers are totally y. Briefs look like women's underwear, and reveal waaay too much. Boxer- briefs are alright, and I have no color preference. 07, 2008 · Boxer-briefs. Best of bo worlds. You get e comfort of Boxers wi e Support of Briefs. 16,  · Men briefs is tight, good for business meeting or exercise at jumping is needed, it give more support and not as comfortable. Boxers is most comfortable is good for sleeping, wear when it is m wea er so it can reduce e jock itch. You could choose which one . 20,  · But we were a little surprised at e boxer brief won by as much as it did, wi 41.8 percent of e vote. Boxers won e second-place spot just narrowly above briefs. Apr 30,  · Boxer shorts are having a big comeback. Check out e 15 best boxers for men to feel e most comfortable, including top picks from cheap brands like Hanes. 28, 2008 · I find a lot of heavy set guys wear boxers. If ey do wear briefs ey are e boy cut kind not bikini. Toned, a letic guys wear briefs. Dudes who are well endowed were briefs. I mean ink about it you don't want at hanging down your leg or slipping around. Anyway I like boxers. To each her own. Some ladies like briefs. 29, 2008 · Ok, so which do you prefer? boxers or briefs? e ing about boxers is at ey look better on guys, but briefs can look good if e guy has some ing to show off. but actually right now i'm just rambling on because here's e ing- if you are actually reading is, do not post a reply. i want to see how many people out ere actually read e detail parts of a question and how many just. Our Style Report, Jorge Orlando, hits e streets of West Hollywood in his co co underwear to ask some straight bartenders in West Hollywood our favori. 05, 2008 · Briefs are usually classified as 'old mens' underwear. Young, y people usually wear boxers, which accomadate big penisses. My gf also likes designer, i.e. Calvin Klein, so ey just make you look y. I found is picture on e interweb (Picture 1) . 08, 2006 · Sometimes when wearing boxerbriefs I can see e ring at goes around my leg. It's not overly visible unless e pants are. Even if it is visible, it's not a crime. Silk boxers would be really light and airy and, so ey wouldn't do at. I guess if I had to wear a tuxedo, I'd spring for a pair of briefs, even ough I never wear em. 05, 2008 · boxers or boxer briefs for me. 0 0. crack- a-lacka. Lv 4. 1 ade ago. Briefs - I don't like how boxers feel - not enough support. 0. Galaxy. Lv 5. 1 ade ago. boxers. 0. Rana. Lv 7. 1 ade ago. Join Yahoo Answers and get 0 points today. Join. Trending questions. Trending questions. What's your fa er's nationality? 114 answers. 03, 2007 · Teen Guys Only: Boxers, Briefs, Boxer Briefs, or O er? Why do you wear em, what color, do your classmates make fun of you in e locker room, do you get wedgies or pantsed because of your underwear? Me, I wear White Briefs and have my whole life. I always hid in e locker room because everyone else wore boxers. Apr 21, 20  · Boxer-briefs. Boxers used to be good but ey look saggy lol. and unless you're six or sixty i dont ink anyone should wear briefs. ey just look weird. wi boxer-briefs you get support and ey look good too. Feb 08,  · Boxers, boxer briefs, or briefs. Boxers and boxer briefs seem to be e normal for guys your age. I personal wear regular briefs. If your comfortable wi boxers just wear em or give ano er type of underwear a try. I wore boxers rough out my teens up until I turned 20 en I switched back to briefs because it is what I felt best. 01,  · Gigi Engle is rillist's and Dating staff writer.For Gigi, e best dudes wear regular boxers, but e best lays wear briefs. Follow her lovable crazy on Twitter, iTunes, Facebook 23, 2008 · Most men have no problems. Men wi infertility problems are told to wear boxers - it works for some. If you have had problems conceiving, by all means, suggest to your guy at he wear boxers, at least until he is tested to see if sperm is a problem. My bf has 4 kids (one's an adult) and always wore briefs, even in e hot climate of Louisiana. 20,  · Yahoo Products. pier. pier asked in Heal Men's Heal. 6 years ago. ey should wear whatever ey're more comfortable, me myself i wear briefs, boxer briefs, and trunks. Except boxers i feel like ey look ugly. But at's just me. 2 0. ron h. Lv 7. 6 years ago. Wear what you want. Even if a GF prefers you in one kind or ano er. 28, 2009 · Yahoo Products. Anonymous. Anonymous asked in Beauty & Style Fashion & Accessories. 1 ade ago. Which do women prefer on men boxers or boxer briefs? ALSO Do women like tall men im 6 foot do women find men y is tall? Answer Save. 18 Answers. Relevance. Oooh.:D. 1 ade ago. Favorite Answer.

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