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e meeting of creditors is a hearing all debtors must attend in any bankruptcy proceeding. e meeting of creditors is held outside of e presence of e judge and, depending upon e case chapter, usually occurs between 21 and 50 days after e filing of e petition. 26,  · Before you can receive a discharge in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you must be examined under oa by a bankruptcy trustee at a hearing called e meeting of creditors (also called e 341 hearing). Read on to learn more about e types of questions e bankruptcy trustee ask you at e meeting of creditors. Free Consultation - Call (813) 258-2808 - Christie D. Arkovich is dedicated to serving our clients wi a range of legal services including Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases. Sample Trustee Questions at your 341 Meeting of Creditors - Tampa Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer. 25,  · Please note: If you’ve chosen Chapter 13 bankruptcy an ere is a period where you will repay ose debts. is period can be ei er 3 or 5 years depending on your debts and advice of your bankruptcy trustee. Now at you know all of at, let’s go over some of e questions you receive when you go to e 341 Meeting of Creditors. 29,  · SECTION 341(a) MEETING OF CREDITORS REQUIRED STATEMENTS/QUESTIONS.. 1. State your name for e record. Is e address on e petition your current address? 2. Please provide your picture ID and social security number card for review.. If e documents are in agreement wi e § 341(a) meeting notice, a suggested statement for e record. e creditor doesn’t necessarily have to attend is meeting to file an objection to discharge, but it can happen. Texas 341 Meeting. e most important ing to remember about your 341 meeting is at you are under oa, so answering e questions of e bankruptcy trustee and any o er creditors at show up (if ey show at all) honestly. 341 Meeting is brief and fairly informal, and usually boils down to answering some standard straightford questions posed by e bankruptcy trustee. Your attorney will be present at is meeting and will support you and will take note of trustee’s requests or additional questions, if necessary, and in most cases creditors do not show up. e meeting of creditors is conducted by e bankruptcy trustee appointed in your case. Most trustee questions are fairly standard. But ey can vary depending on e specifics of your case and whe er you filed for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Read on to learn more about e commonly asked questions at e meeting of creditors. 30,  · Questions a Creditor Might Ask You at e Meeting After you take an oa promising to give tru ful testimony under penalty of perjury, creditors in attendance will have e opportunity to ask you questions about your personal and business finances, and assets. Trustee Questions at e Bankruptcy 341 Meeting. ese are e Eastern District Chapter 13 hearing questions. Ms. Burden requests at your attorney asks e questions. Mr. Keats is a Chapter 7 Trustee in e Western District. e questions ey ask you might vary from Trustee to Trustee and from Chapter 7 to Chapter 13. SAMPLE QUESTIONS E CREDITORS ASK AT YOUR 341 MEETING OF CREDITORS. e creditors en have a chance to enter eir appearance and question you. Usually Sears, ds. Lowe’s, Helzberg Diamonds and Best Buy will have someone at e hearing. e local banks and lending institutions have someone appear. PREPARATION FOR E MEETING OF E CREDITORS. Al ough you will be in e meeting room for 30-45 minutes your meeting of e creditors (341 Meeting) will usually last about five (5) minutes. A Chapter 7 or 13 Trustee will ask you basic questions many at are listed below. Creditors usually do not show up for is meeting. A) Purpose of 341(a) Meeting - Soon after a bankruptcy case is filed, a meeting is held so at creditors and e trustee can ask questions about e debtor’s financial situation. is meeting is required by Bankruptcy Code section 341(a) and e meeting is presided over by ei er e trustee assigned to e case and/or a representative of e U.S. Trustee’s Office. 23,  · In e vast majority of Chapter 7 cases filed by consumers, not much will happen after e 341 meeting is concluded. In fact, in e time between your 341 meeting and e discharge, no news is often good news. Never eless, protect your own rights by carefully reviewing any correspondence you receive from e court or your trustee during at time. 17,  · Creditor Questions Businesses Can Expect at e Creditor Meeting. Creditors rarely show up, but ey can also ask questions. Creditor questions are limited to e business's finances and conduct. at said, a creditor will likely use e meeting as a fact-finding mission and inquire about financial practices at could open e door to a fraud. 04,  · More on is later. In a case such as is, e US Trustee*s analyst will ask more questions and e meeting will take longer. Sometimes e meeting will last 45 minutes or more. ere will usually be additional document requests while e presumption abuse issue is investigated after e meeting. 5. A creditor shows up to make trouble. 07,  · In e beginning stages of filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, a meeting wi a U.S. Trustee and in some cases, creditors, is required. e 341 meeting of creditors allows all parties to ask a debtor questions under oa about his or her financial situation. While e meeting does not follow courtroom procedures, a debtor is still under oa. 18,  · A 341 meeting is related to bankruptcy filings, and is creditors' meeting at takes place when after individual files Chapter 7 bankruptcy. A 341 meeting, which takes place about a . 04,  · Usually a bankruptcy trustee will ask a debtor about eir assets as well as e required questions below. If you have additional questions about what to expect at your 341 meeting of creditors feel free to give Symmes Law Group a call at 206-682-7975. Common Questions asked at bankruptcy 341 meeting.. State your name and current address for. Apr 04,  · e 341 meeting or e creditors’ meeting is a statutorily required meeting held wi in 20-40 days after e debtor files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. e debtor is strictly required to attend is meeting along wi e court appointed bankruptcy trustee and e creditors. e court not preside at, and not attend, any meeting under is section including any final meeting of creditors. Notwi standing any local court rule, provision of a State constitution, any o erwise applicable nonbankruptcy law, or any o er requirement at representation at e meeting of creditors under subsection (a) be by an attorney, a creditor holding a consumer debt or any. 09,  · What Questions Will be Asked at e Meeting? Prior to e meeting e trustee will have reviewed your paperwork, income, debts, expenses, tax returns, and paystubs. e Chapter 7 Trustee’s main job is to sell nonexempt property to repay your unsecured creditors. e trustee also does e following ings: Searches for bankruptcy fraud. e 341 Meeting of e Creditors About a mon after filing ei er a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, e debt is required by e bankruptcy code to appear before e trustee. e debtor, e bankruptcy filing lawyer, and e trustee sit at a conference table and e debtor is required to take an oa and answer e trustee’s questions. e purpose of e meeting, held 3-5 weeks after e case is filed, is to allow e Trustee and creditors to confirm e accuracy of your Bankruptcy petition and schedules and to ask some basic questions about your case. You will be sworn in and testifying under oa, just as you would in a Courtroom, and e meeting will be recorded. 23,  · Questions to answer at your Meeting of Creditors (Also known as 341 Meeting) uary 23, Typically, 30 days after a bankruptcy case is filed you will go wi your attorney to court to a Meeting of Creditors (or 341 Meeting). In a Chapter 13 case, e 341 meeting will be set for at least 21 days, but no more an 50 days after e day you file your case. What questions to expect at Your Chapter 13 Meeting of Creditors. When e Chapter 13 Trustee calls your case, you will sit at a table wi your attorney so . Questions asked by e Chapter 7 Trustee at e 341 Meeting of Creditors. Questions asked by e Chapter 7 Trustee at e 341 Meeting of Creditors. 12,  · Instead, you’ll attend one meeting— e 341 meeting of creditors—conducted by e Chapter 7 trustee appointed to manage your case. At e meeting, you’ll provide proof of identification and answer questions about your bankruptcy filing. Your participation will likely last less an ten minutes. Timing and Location of e Meeting of CreditorsAu or: Cara O'neill, Attorney. 06, 20  · e meeting of creditors is also called e trustee’s meeting and e 341 meeting (after section 341 of e bankruptcy code which compels e meeting). is notice informs e creditor, among o er ings, at e debtor has filed a bankruptcy. of contact information for e debtor’s attorney and e trustee assigned to e case. and of. e meeting of e creditors, referred to as e 341 meeting because of e Bankruptcy Code Section at specifies e meeting, is an informal meeting held shortly after you file for bankruptcy. e meeting of e creditors is held in every bankruptcy case, whe er you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter . 28,  · While e trustee’s questions will depend somewhat on your specific file, many of e questions are standard. Knowing some of ese questions ahead of time can put you at ease. Reviewing ese questions will also help your Meeting of Creditors go quickly and smoo ly. Below is a list of trustee questions. Questions 1-15 are commonly asked. 13,  · Potential Meeting of e Creditor Questions. When you file a bankruptcy, whe er Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, you will have to go to some ing called a Meeting of e Creditors. At is hearing, e Trustee in your case will ask you a few questions under oa. is video is about what you should do after e Chapter 7 341meeting of creditors. One of e most nerve-wracking parts of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy is . Telephonic Meetings of Creditors. All 341 meetings will be held telephonically. Follow instructions for date, time, and conference lines provided in Court Notice of Bankruptcy Case. Bring Documents. Debtors should have eir bankruptcy documents available during e meeting of creditors in e event ere are questions about e information. Creditors attend your meeting of creditors, al ough often none will appear. At e hearing, e bankruptcy trustee will ask you a series of questions. Most 341 hearings last less an 5 or minutes. Your bankruptcy attorney will run rough ings wi you prior to e hearing. At e Chapter 13 Meeting of Creditors you, your lawyer, & e trustee discuss your payment plan and any creditor & trustee questions. e Chapter 13 Payment Plan. e core of your Chapter 13 adjustment of debts case is e payment plan. e plan is a detailed outline of who you will pay, how much, and when. 14,  · Just as wi a Chapter 7 straight bankruptcy case, under Chapter 13 you are required to go to e meeting of creditors. (See our last blog, about e Chapter 7 meetings of creditors. ) Your creditors have an opportunity to show up and ask questions, but just as in Chapter 7 most creditors . When you file a chapter 7 bankruptcy you must attend 341 meeting of creditors. is meeting is held at 182 St. Francis St. Mobile, Al 36602 on e ird floor. e Administrator and e trustee will ask you a series of questions many are listed below. 1. is page describes e structure of e 341 meeting and e questions at our office asks during e meeting. OVERVIEW §341 of e Bankruptcy Code states at trustee shall call a meeting of creditors to be held. e business of e meeting shall include e examination of e debtor under oa.. 04,  · You filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You went for your meeting of creditors. e trustee closed e meeting. Here are e loose ends you need to tie up. If e Meeting Is Closed. If e bankruptcy trustee has no fur er questions and doesn’t need any o er documents, your meeting will be closed. You won’t need to go back to court or appear. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Pro Bono. Bankruptcy Petition Preparers. Creating a List of Creditors. Forms. National Forms. Local Forms. Rules. Federal Rules. Local Rules. Orders. You are here. Home. First Meeting of Creditors. Chapter 13 11-05- Chapter 13 11-06- Chapter 13 11- - Chapter 13 11-17- Chapter 7 11-24-. When you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in atur, Georgia, you will definitely have to attend at least one hearing at is commonly known as e 341 Meeting of Creditors. e hearing is held in downtown Atlanta in e Richard B. Russell Federal Building on Spring Street at e corner of tin Lu er King. Whe er you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you must attend a mandatory hearing called e meeting of creditors (also called e 341 hearing). At e meeting of creditors, e bankruptcy trustee assigned to your case will examine you under oa about your bankruptcy papers. When you go to your hearing, you must bring certain. Regardless of e chapter under which a petition is filed, every debtor will have to go to court. However, in order to avoid any bias e judge is not allowed to attend so, e chapter 13 bankruptcy meeting of creditors and o er chapters of bankruptcy meetings are not really 'court', but ra er a meeting held at court when you file bankruptcy.

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